Stop OVERPAYING for Diapers

Stop Overpaying For Diapers via monkeysmiles

If you use disposable diapers and buy them from big box stores, I can guarantee you’re paying too much.  How do I know? You used a coupon and a 5% discount card AND the store gave you a gift card for purchasing the diapers?  Yep, you’re still paying too much.  I’m going to sound like a big diaper nerd here but I don’t care because I’ve saved a TON of money and you can too!

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Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

When we moved to Germany, I knew I would eventually be giving up my paid gig and my days would be filled with taking care of my son and the majority of the housework.  I completed the switch-over two years ago and became a full time time parent.  I was so excited that I would have the time to entertain my little guy and not have deadlines to face, conference calls to be on or external stress to bring home.  We had a blast.  He was my best friend and we went everywhere.  My husband would come home from work, interrupting our play, and tell us we were the ‘biggest goofballs,’ that we had a bond like no other. 

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Toddler Swimsuit Tutorial

Toddler Swimsuit Tutorial monkeysmiles

Of all the projects I was willing to take on, sewing a swimsuit was definitely not on that list. Call me crazy but the thought of trying to manipulate the fabric as it got pulled and stretched in my sewing machine just didn’t sit well with me.  Then it happened.  I found the cutest bathing suit ever, made by Eberjey.  It was on sale and I had to have it….sold out.  So I looked elsewhere and the only place I could find it was on the brand’s website for a price that makes my heart drop.  Plus, the smallest size they sell is 2 years and I needed something closer to 18 months.  So I decided to give it a try.

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Swimsuit Pattern Tutorial

DIY Swimsuit Pattern monkeysmiles

I created my own pattern using an old swim bottom.  I put the swim bottom (size 9 months) on Sister and beside it being too short (can we say baby plumber crack?), it was just the right width which is what I needed.  I drafted up how I thought the swim suit would be constructed and decided which measurements to take whenever I could get Sister to sit still (yes, it took some time).

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Vacation Prep

Santorini, Greece

Ahh, the countdown has begun!  I’m so excited for our trip to Greece in a few months and really, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you need to pack/buy when you’re responsible for a husband (just kidding…kind of!) and two small children.

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October Sensory Bin

October Halloween Sensory Bin

Monkey has been into arts and crafts lately…and really everything to do with the imagination and learning.  I’ve never made a sensory tub before but I’ve heard nothing but positive things about them and figured why not give it a shot.

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Monkey’s St. Patrick’s Day

As most other new moms, I wanted to dress Monkey up for St. Patrick’s Day in some sort of green shirt.  Everything I found online seemed so generic until I came across a DIY project on Pinterest.  I love this shirt and best part is, you can change it to say anything you want.  I had no clue about freezer paper until I found this and let me tell you, it is AMAZING.

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