I began capturing my life through instagram a couple of months ago and found that I loved being able to put some moments in these tiny, neat, little squares.  I posted a photo once or twice per week and was excited when people actually liked one of them.  As my gallery increased, so did my likes per photo and it made me feel great.  I found myself looking forward to these likes but if they were slow to accumulate, I questioned myself and my recent photo.  Any of this sound familiar?

One day, I wanted to take a photo so I could post it to instagram.  I loaded up the family and we walked down to our local cafe.  I couldn’t find the “perfect” place to take a photo, the kids were starting to get cranky and everything seemed off.  Why couldn’t I just get a great photo like everyone else posts (DAILY, I might add) of their perfect family, spotless home or roomy kitchen?  I felt myself getting more and more stressed.  Then I got upset at myself for feeling so stressed over something so small.  Why did I care so much? 

My life is full of screaming, messy kids that don’t always like to listen.  I don’t have a spotless kitchen and only dream of days that my house was the slightest bit clean.  I have the photos to prove it but surely would never post them to instagram because who wants to see that?  But maybe people actually do.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that everyone is human and have messy lives too?  I can guarantee that most of my days consist of complete chaos but it’s my chaos and that’s what makes it so special. 

On June 8, I’m partnering up with the creator of this movement, Alexie Flook, and some really talented ladies where we challenge ourselves (AND you) to break out of the norm and post an image (or 10!) of real life, a #behindthefeed photo, whether it be on instagram, twitter, blog or facebook because let’s face it, none of us are perfect and what stands out in our lives most with the best stories are those imperfect, crazy moments of chaos.

Head over to instagram and search the hashtag #behindthefeed to see who’s posting their down-to-earth, real photos and follow these other brilliant ladies who have already joined in!

alwaysalexie.com @alwaysalexie

danioverthepond.com @myohmama

simplyevery.com @simplyeveryblog

thelittlechronicles.com @thelittlechronicles

mykindofsweet.com @mykindofsweet

mommafitlyndsey.com @lyndseypiccolino

lumpsandmoose.wordpress.com @lumpsandmoose

lecollegechic.com @sydneyirisa

lovelifelaughmotherhood.blogspot.com @jasminehewitt51


arethoseyourkids.com @arethoseyourkids

anniesaprons.net @annies_aprons

lactivistinlouboutins.com @ohheynaya

mommascupofjoy.wordpress.com @jessicarosenbeck

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