About Me

monkeysmiles about me

I’m a wife and mommy of two living as an Expat in Germany.  We’ve had many opportunities to explore the world and live in “luxury” because we travel and buy smart on our budget.

I enjoy sharing my tricks of the trade about traveling with family on a budget and ways to save money on special occasions and everyday life, to provide a financial cushion to have the opportunity to travel, purchase a home or just save up for a rainy day.  It isn’t always the easiest but I’ll show you how to set realistic goals and get you the determination needed to achieve saving money.

Don’t sacrifice quality.  Get the same products and experiences, but for less money out of your pocket.


What can you expect from my blog?

I like to write about our travels and everyday craziness with advice on how to budget. If you enjoy what you see, please subscribe to my blog or drop me an email at christie@monkeysmiles.com