I began capturing my life through instagram a couple of months ago and found that I loved being able to put some moments in these tiny, neat, little squares.  I posted a photo once or twice per week and was excited when people actually liked one of them.  As my gallery increased, so did my likes per photo and it made me feel great.  I found myself looking forward to these likes but if they were slow to accumulate, I questioned myself and my recent photo.  Any of this sound familiar?

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Stop OVERPAYING for Diapers

Stop Overpaying For Diapers via monkeysmiles

If you use disposable diapers and buy them from big box stores, I can guarantee you’re paying too much.  How do I know? You used a coupon and a 5% discount card AND the store gave you a gift card for purchasing the diapers?  Yep, you’re still paying too much.  I’m going to sound like a big diaper nerd here but I don’t care because I’ve saved a TON of money and you can too!

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