Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own dad or for the father of your children, below are some great gift ideas to thank the father in your life for being so stellar, without breaking the bank.

1. Virtual Reality Google Cardboard (price $30).  Yes, I know these guys don’t look like much.  I mean, they’re cardboard.  BUT my hubby wanted this so badly and was over the moon when it came in the mail and I’ll have to tell you, it’s actually a really neat concept.  You can experience virtual reality without paying an arm and a leg for it.  You can “travel” to places all over the world (for more info, read my post: Capture Memories Like NEVER Before) and it’s great for all ages.  Bonus?  It kept our 4 year-old occupied for quite some time to experience roaming with the dinosaurs!

google cardboard fathers day gift idea  google cardboard fathers day gift idea

2. Father’s Day Card Printables (price $Free). mrprintables.com has an awesome and unique selection of cards and gift tags that you won’t find at your local store.

Fathers day DIY glasses  Free printable fathers day card tools

3. Old School Toys (price $16/$39). For the father who is a kid at heart, a Rubber Band Gun or desktop slingshot is sure to add a little fun to his workday.

rubberband gundesktop slingshot fathers day

4. Metal wallet insert card (price $18).  Create a personalized message to be etched on a Stainless Steel Card (black or silver) with a replica of your (or your kids’) handwriting or drawing that he can keep with him in his wallet.  If you think these are awesome, check out the rest of the etsy store for even more ways to personalize keepsakes.

personalized etched card fathers day handprint replica etched on card for fathers day

5. Word Lock (price $8).  Instead of trying to remember a number combination when locking up his bike, locker or anything else, he can use this word lock and remember a simple 4-letter word of his choosing (found here: indoor lock or bike lock cable).

word lock fathers day gift      bike lock fathers day gift idea

6. Dopp/Travel Kit (price $16).  Help keep him a little more organized when he travels with this Canvas Travel Kit to keep his shaving necessities under control.

dopp kit fathers day gift idea    dopp kit fathers day gift idea

7. Whiskey tasting set (price $36). Is the father in your life a whiskey lover?  Look no further.  You can choose a whiskey tasting kit from various regions that he’ll be sure to love.

whiskey tasting set fathers day gift idea









8. Monogramed Growler (price $40-$45). Perfect for storing craft beers from your local brewery, Home Wet Bar has an amazing selection of personalized growlers, pitchers and glasses.

growler fathers day gift idea  growler fathers day gift idea

9. Mini Quadcopter (price $22). This pocket sized drone fits inside the controller for easy storage and is sure to entertain the father in your life and keep the kids mesmerized!

quadcopter fathers day gift idea  quadcopter fathers day gift idea

Anything I’ve missed?  I’m always on the hunt for presents for my dad and hubs and can use any help I can get.  I’d love to hear a male’s perspective too!

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  1. Hey Christie,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful father’s day gift ideas with us. I am planning to give gifts that are made by me I mean truly homemade gifts. I will make one short video of old memories with my father. I also like couple of gift ideas which you suggested above are old School Toys and beer growler.


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