Capture Memories Like NEVER Before

Capture Memories Like NEVER Before

The hubs is a bit of a techie nerd and as for me, well, I’ve always said that technology hates me.  Really.  I haven’t met anyone who has issues with their computer suddenly stop working or their phone refusing to answer calls.  So you can imagine my eagerness to learn about a new way of capturing memories through technology when it was brought to my attention.  But I have to say that after seeing it inaction, I’m a believer.  I absolutely love it and won’t go on a trip without using it.

Stay with me here people, it’s all about Virtual Reality.  You can easily take a 360 degree photo on your smart phone with the assistance of an app (called Google Cardboard Camera) which also records the sounds during that time.  You later view that image (and listen to your recording) by placing your phone in a Google Cardboard EightOnes VR Kit.  Honestly, the cardboard doesn’t look like much and when the hubs put it on his wish list, I kind of laughed.  I thought to myself “Self, how good can this “virtual reality” be, using cardboard?”  It’s actually pretty awesome though and only sets you back about $15 (if you decide to purchase, make sure your phone is compatible).  I see gifting this to friends and family (techie or not) in my future.

We’ve been capturing these memories for every trip we’ve been on since we bought the Google Cardboard and it’s been so amazing reliving the experience.  What’s also cool is that you can share these moments with friends and loved ones who didn’t get to go with you.

Let’s take this one step further.  The hubs recorded my dad reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to my kids on Christmas Eve using this method.  I love being able to go “back in time’”and relive it.  It feels like you’re actually in the room and hearing his voice reading to his grandchildren warms my heart.  But I thought, how amazing would this be for military families when one of the parents has deployed and the kids are just dying to see their mom or dad.  What about remembering loved ones who are no longer with us?  The possibilities are endless.

I’m excited about being able to remind my kids of places they’ve visited and things they’ve done after a few years as well as relive our vacations, myself.  Is this something that you ever thought you’d be interested in?  As much as technology has it out for me (only half joking), it truly is an amazing thing.

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