Logan + Lenora Diaper Clutch

diaper clutch

After my second was born and I decided to venture back out into the world of grocery shopping, errand running and just plain life, I knew I had to arm myself with some basics without weighing down my purse.  I already had Monkey’s sippy cup, snacks, an extra pair of clothes and baby car seat carrier in tow, but also needed to carry Monkey’s diapers, Sister’s diapers and wipes…preferably in an organized fashion. Enter: Logan + Lenora Diaper and Wipe clutch.  This baby is AMAZING.  I’ve been able to fit 6 diapers in one section and about half a package wipes in the other.

Best part?  The “wet” section doesn’t leak and keeps wipes from drying for for a heck of a long time.  I haven’t completed a study but I’d have to say I’m still happy with the amount of moisture the wipes have after a month.

Monkey is in his big boy underpants now (whew!) but I find that I’m still constantly using wipes with him, cleaning up his face or hands when we can’t wash the mess off of them.  I have this diaper clutch listed as one of my Fab Finds because if anything were to happen with my current clutch, I know I would buy a replacement in a heart beat.  It’s quite slim and I carry it with me everywhere.