Gold Baby Moccasins

gold moccasins                  teal moccasins

I bought these moccasins because I thought they’d be cute and just hoped that Sister would keep them on her feet. Little did I know that they would last her through the Fall and Winter.  They were a little big on her at first (I bought the 6-12 months and we received them when she was 9 months old at the time) but they stayed on due to the elastic around the top.  At 15 months, she still wears them and only now am I thinking of a replacement.  The color was listed as “silver-gray” although they look gold (no longer in stock) but you can find a similar color (by the same company) here or in a super cute teal color (and for a little less $) here.  They do fray a little bit and if your baby has some chubby ankles (as they should!), the elastic may show.  But for me, I chalk this up as a win!


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