Canvas Weekender Duffel Bag

szone oversized duffel weekender bagTo say I’m in love with this beauty is an understatement.  We do a lot of traveling now that we’re living in Europe and we’ve found that duffel bags are a space-saving essential.  They’re easier to fit into the car when you have  ton of other luggage and if you’re flying, they fit the bag requirements for the cheaper air carriers (bonus!).  This S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Duffel Weekender Bag has pockets upon pockets and zippers and gadgets (I made up the last part, sorry I got carried away) and have I mentioned how pretty it is?  Is it NECESSARY to have a pretty bag? No.  But does it make you feel better?  Well it gives this girl a little pep in her step.  I have it in the Rice White color which is really more cream but it’s a beauty none-the-less.